Don’t just take our word for it – we love Essendon Terrace. Here’s what some of our Current Residents have to say….

“Lionsville have been caring for independently spirited elderly citizens since the 1960’s. So they are experts in supporting us to live the best lives we could hope to enjoy.

The Management lean over backwards to meet any requests we make. Mostly they provide anything needed before we even get around to asking.

Each of these Units are built to provide for very independent residents. But we all value the security offered by the lovely building and enjoy the companionship of residents at similar stages of life. There is much support between residents when needed, but respect each other’s need of independence when all is going smoothly.

Our families are pleased to see us down-sized and safely set to enjoy the last phase of our lives”.



“What a wonderful place. Who would have ever thought they could live in Melbourne suburbia, open your balcony door on a weekday & listen to birds calling and hear the odd cricket chirping?

Such is our delight since moving into Essendon Terrace…I never thought such a thing could be possible…Now in one’s latter years and no longer dictated to be actively doing this or that, it is relaxing to just spend the odd moments taking things in…

If casting your eye out to see what might take place with the weather, or you want to just take in the lovely scenery and natures beauty, then that’s at hand too…

The old adage position, position, position, certainly rings true”.
Mr. & Mrs. M


“I went from not even looking, to thinking” this place is for me”. I knew if I moved it would have to be somewhere close to the city, public transport and shops.

Older people have to be realistic, you can’t drive for ever. It’s very central to everything and there’s public transport outside the door with a bus on Moreland Road”.
Mr. & Mrs. P


“What struck us first was the serene ambiance of the building. We… fell in love with No. ### and paid our deposit within a couple of weeks – finding ET was an act of fate.

We are so happy to be here and are always glad to get home. A pleasant surprise has been the relaxed and friendly community we are now part of – a definite bonus.

Our friends and family have been impressed with the spaciousness of our two bedroom apartment – downsizing has worked so well for us.

One of the most comforting aspects of living here is that our homes are designed so that any help we may need in the future can come to us and we can continue living here with whatever care is necessary. So far as we are concerned this is it folks! So, if anyone is considering ET you are assured of a warm welcome and a comfortable secure home – don’t delay”.
Mr. & Mrs. K